The Mystery of The Four Ages Unveiled.
"A lifting of the veil that has shrouded the scriptures in mystery for ages"






“In all the ages of which we have any literary records we find the tradition of a recondite knowledge which could not be disclosed to any save those who had undergone the severest tests as to their worthiness to receive it. This knowledge was generally known under the term of the mysteries, and it was concerned with the deepest facts of man’s origin, nature, and connection with the super-sensual worlds of beings, as well as with the ‘natural’ laws of the physical world. It was no mere speculation; it was real knowledge of ‘the things that are’, a knowledge that gave its processor powers which at one time or other have been regarded as pertaining only to the gods." William Kingsland – The Gnosis of Ancient Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures 1937



This website examines the research of Edward B. Latch and William D. Ashworth, and continues the quest for new light with Albert R. Parsons, amongst others, with rewarding illumination! 

The Great Pyramid of Egypt
The altar to the LORD

The mystery entrance below the main entrance, does have myths to it's origin with the reigning Caliph of that time, but, this mystery entrance was built on purpose by the builders themselves, and partially hidden, and revealed to those who sought entrance. (...the stone falling...) There was evidence of a prior forced entrance than in the days of Al Mamoun's chiseled entrance. A veiled entrance is what we have unveiled inside.

Your host; Paul says:
"Fiat Lux et Veritas"

Excerpt from Pyramid page within:

"From the foregoing indications as a whole it becomes manifest that the forced entrance on the north side of the Pyramid was thus introduced by the builders of the Pyramid as a veil, and as though an after-consideration; and so, also, the death which it shadows through the Deluge of Noah, although foreseen, was as an after-consideration following with transgression of the more finished work of the Law. In this light the well or pit which descends from the allegorical junction of the Euphratic, Hiddekelic, and Gihonic ages down to the great tube that leads into the chamber of universal death shadows the valley of the shadow of death, as a consideration also forced through transgression of the Law."

Edward B. Latch 1895

Enter the Mystery

Entrance Sketch Vivant Denon 1808