The Creative Days



101,252,037 B.C.


Creative Day 1

70,611,152 B.C.



Creative Day 2

41,302,480 B.C.

Asteroid Catastrophe

The axis of aggregate matter was displaced eighteen degrees from the normal established on the first day, thereby causing great and widespread disaster.

The indication is given in the Melchizedician chart (see Mos. Sys. and Macrocosmic Cross) that Lucifer, the angel Death, was created on the second creative day, and, further, that the disaster of the second day was caused by Satan, Prince of Evil.


Creative Day 3

33,407,206 B.C.



Creative Day 4

23,383,718 B.C.

Galaxy Catastrophe

The Word of God made his advent as the Sun of Righteousness on the fourth Creative Day.  Mazzaroth (Cassiopeia) is identified with the catastrophe of the 4th creative day. This event lead to the supersedure of the sun of the physical world by Messiah as the Sun of Righteousness. Consequently, this link in the life of Christ also becomes identified with the Messianic Triangle, and, hence, with the Great Pyramid.


Creative Day 5

10,661,595 B.C.



Creative Day 6

31,754 B.C.

War in Heaven

The collision of two planets, Jupiter and Asteroid; this destructive war in heaven between the Archangel Michael and Satan in the beginning of the Euphratic age; the war being the passing of a red comet; electrically connecting to Mars.