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4th Overlap:1998-2853 Judgement:2133-2170 Thousand Years:2853 Era of Destructions:3853

Comet Cluster Swarms?
1993 - 2183 
B:C22483 - 2533  A:C1-13823

On 15 February 2013, an object entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia at approximately 09.25 YEKT (03.25 UTC), becoming a fireball. Moving at a speed of 15 km/s to 18 km/s (34000 mph to 40000 mph), it passed over the southern Ural region and exploded over Chelyabinsk Oblast. The object's air burst occurred at an altitude between 15 and 25 km (9.3 and 16 mi) above the ground. The total energy released was equivalent to nearly 500 kilotons of TNT, which would make it 20-30 times more powerful than the atomic bombs detonated at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Being significantly smaller than objects that are tracked through current efforts by space object scientists, the meteor was not detected before atmospheric entry.


What an uncanny similarity of dates? The ending of the Judgemtal era is in flux by different approaches, or historic rays of elucidation of scripture. 13 years difference here, but on the Epoch's page, I note 2183 also! This good friend has this to say:

"A theory has been proposed that accurately predicts the orbits of our solar planets as well as the orbits of planets (and tiny stars) in nearby star systems. This theory postulates that our solar system was formed with the aid of a solar companion star named Vulcan by the ancients. Vulcan is estimated to orbit the Sun with a period slightly less than 5000 years. Vulcan draws comets from the Kupier belt and they occasionally pass through the Earth's orbit with disastrous consequences (e.g. causing Noah's flood). A dark body (that could be Vulcan) has been detected by the IRAS satellite. The IRAS measurements and data from other sources have been utilized to determine the orbit and mass of Vulcan."

"Vulcan is the distant Jovian sized dark star companion of our Sun. Theoretical analysis indicates that it is in a highly inclined 4969 +/- 6 year orbit about our Sun. Vulcan attracts comets from the Kuiper belt and has formed multiple (at least 5) comet swarms that pass through the inner solar system three times during exactly two revolutions of Vulcan about the Sun (a 3:2 resonance). It is probable that Vulcan is (or is near) an already satellite identified far infra-red source, IRAS 1732+239. Often a comet fragment from these passing swarms impacts Earth causing the initiation or termination of an Ice Age. These comet fragments hit Earth at quasi-periodic (~3313 +/- 200 years) intervals. A catalog of past impact events reveal's Vulcan's presence and the precisely known ones offers an accurate estimates of the Resonate Interval that is exactly twice Vulcan's orbital period. Combining this data with the orbit of Kuiper Belt Object CR105 that is also believed to be in a 3:2 resonate orbit and the discovery of a similar object by Forbes in 1880 leads to Vulcan's measured period of 4970 +/- 8 years. The climatic change data provided by the Center for Ice and Climate, offers data showing at least five major weather changes about ten thousand years ago. With the knowledge of Vulcan's period and the 3:2 resonance structure of the meteor/comet swarms, an accurate estimate can be made of when Earth is next at risk. These calculations imply that we are living in a time when impact induced weather changes could occur - casting Earth back into an Ice Age." Read More

"Dr. Warmkessel calls our binary "Vulcan", while I reserve that for the "Suppositive" planet, the 'intra-Mecurial' planet. He states dates of possible comets strikes on the Earth. These danger periods are thought to be associated with the B swarm. Notice that the Mosaic Chronology date of 2133 for the end of Daniel's seventy weeks, falls within Dr. Warmkessel's team predictions. So, I reached out to gather this conclusion. Details published here are for scientific research, and all credits go to them."

7946 BC + 9938 = 1993 AD +/- 42.6 years ~ 2035.6
7907 BC + 9938 = 2032 AD +/- 42.1 years ~ 2074.1 +/- 4 years
7878 BC + 9938 = 2061 AD +/- 42.1 years ~ 2103.1 +/- 4 years
7812 BC + 9938 = 2127 AD +/- 41.1 years ~ 2168.1 +/- 4 years
7797 BC + 9938 = 2142 AD +/- 41.1 years ~ 2183.1 +/- 4 years

These impact times are based on some uncertainties.

"Several diverse sources have suggested that a catastrophic celestial impact events may occur in Earth's near future. Analysis suggesting that minor cosmic events have already occurred during calendar year 2017. This web page shows cosmic events relating to a possible swarm of incoming comet fragments, some of which have already impacted Earth. Future impact events may well occur that could cause blast, tsunamis', and a major weather change resulting in a new Younger Dryas like Ice Age. Impacts in the Atlantic ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean sea are anticipated. Peak threat times are September/October 2022 or 2023. Apparently, what is being dealt with here is the beginning of the 'End Time's Tribulation' followed by the start of a new golden age of Mankind by the close of 2026." Dr. Barry Murice Warmkessel 1997 Read More

He then said:

"A "Second" Event apparently reforms the surface of the Earth. Multiple impactors, that are likely from the A:Cl-1 cluster that last passed through the inner solar system 1765? years ago, appear to impact after (crumbling) from rounding the Sun. The last observed period of this cluster was 3430 years implying a passage in 3823 A.D. This is within 26 years of when Nostradamus's predictions end in 3797 A.D."

"And 30 years of when Latch's elucidations end in 3853 A.D."


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Rewind to 2016 & Consider this:

”More potential evidence of Planet Nine's influence may be found in how long it takes outer solar system bodies to orbit the sun. For instance, the four KBOs with the longest-known orbits revolve in patterns most readily explained by the presence of Planet Nine, says astronomer Renu Malhotra, chair of theoretical astrophysics at the University of Arizona at Tucson. Work by Malhotra and her colleagues also suggests two likely tilts for Planet Nine's orbit, one closer to the plane of the solar system at 18 degrees and the other steeper at about 48 degrees-information that could help shrink the vast part of the sky to be searched.” Read More

"I was drawn to 18 & about 48. Could these two angles, be the result of the 2nd Creative day, and the 4th Creative day?

 "It has been determined from the Mosaic interpretation of the Gettysburg Stone that upon the 2nd creative day the plane of Earth's orbit was displaced 18 degrees from the normal position it occupied on the 1st creative day; and that upon the 4th creative day it was displaced 46 degrees from the abnormal position it attained on the 2nd day, yet in a direction opposite the first deflection, and, consequently 28 degrees from the normal of the 1st day.” Read More

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Konstantin Batygin and Michael E. Brown
Published 2016 January 20 • © 2016. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.
The Astronomical Journal, Volume 151, Number 2


Recent analyses have shown that distant orbits within the scattered disk population of the Kuiper Belt exhibit an unexpected clustering in their respective arguments of perihelion. While several hypotheses have been put forward to explain this alignment, to date, a theoretical model that can successfully account for the observations remains elusive. In this work we show that the orbits of distant Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs) cluster not only in argument of perihelion, but also in physical space. We demonstrate that the perihelion positions and orbital planes of the objects are tightly confined and that such a clustering has only a probability of 0.007% to be due to chance, thus requiring a dynamical origin.

We find that the observed orbital alignment can be maintained by a distant eccentric planet with mass 10 m;

...whose orbit lies in approximately the same plane as those of the distant KBOs, but whose perihelion is 180 degree away from the perihelia of the minor bodies. In addition to accounting for the observed orbital alignment, the existence of such a planet naturally explains the presence of high-perihelion Sedna-like objects, as well as the known collection of high semimajor axis objects with inclinations between 60 and 150 whose origin was previously unclear. Continued analysis of both distant and highly inclined outer solar system objects provides the opportunity for testing our hypothesis as well as further constraining the orbital elements and mass of the distant planet. Read More

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A Jump to Scripture: Rev xii

Another friend had this to say; "A great sign appeared in heaven"; is all astronomical as evidenced by the first 6 words, and by that I mean the coming catastrophe is astronomical. A woman (ursa major) clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars (corona borealis) on her head - this points to the 13th constellation Ophiuchus - the "Great Sign in Heaven" that appears every 13 thousand years... there is your clue. The enormous red dragon is in Hopi Prophecy and in Mesoamerican mythology. This event is cyclical and why we know about it as it has been recorded in and on many archaic monuments all over this planet. "Ursa Major to Crown to Ophiuchus (Ouroboros - one of the 3 oldest symbols known to man)"

My friend, blessings to you also. But, the woman thus described symbolizes the Grand Epoch from the beginning of the Creation to the end of the Four Ages of Man, thereby becoming the mother of all creature entities; the same being markedly indicated by the sun with which she was clothed. The sun, simply as of the earthy, was called in aggregate matter upon the first creative day. Upon the second day aggregate matter was separated into detached masses, widely separated; of which the sun of our solar system was one. Upon the fourth creative day the matter of which the sun is composed was condensed by chemical affinity, thereby becoming incandescent, and thus continued up to the present time. Wherefore, esoterically, the sun, in general sense and application, becomes comprehensible as a reality clothing of the Grand Epoch, even as symbolized by the woman, yet, perhaps more especially to the creture days. By the historic ray thus set forth the expression "and the moon under her feet" becomes indicative of Time as the Four Ages (see, also, Joshua x. 8-14); the crown upon her head, through its twelve stars, also, relating in an especial manner to the Four Ages in harmony with the appertainings of the twelve tribes of Israel (see Ezek. xlviii. 30-34). Wherefore, as the woman - the Grand Epoch - was with child, trailed in birth, and pained to be delivered, so, at this time in the world's history, a child will be brought forth whose predestination is a forgone conclusion; that is, the calling of this child is in accordance with an ordination of the One God to this effect; and which, by the juncture of the sun and moon - the sun specially pertaining to the creative days, and the moon to the Four Ages of Man - as indicated in the text, will occur in the beginning of the Euphratic age.

So, could this be the fiery red comet on the image below from "The Mosaic System and the Macrocosmic Cross" ? It is a scan of a reproduced black and white from the beautifully illuminated plate in the original "The New Light from the Great Pyramid," by author Albert Ross Parsons. It contains the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic crucifixions of Messiah. So, let us now look back at that magnificent plate in new light:

As, therefore, by the Messianic Chart, these wondrous events occurred in Virgo-Leo, so the same is manifest in the Planisphere under consideration; for therein Leo is due north; the sign of the lion denoting the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The insignia of the future ruler as King are represented in and by the adornments of the trible-pointed crown projecting from his Zodiacal sign. It will be observed that the drooping points of this crown correspond in number with those encircling the head of the "Lamb slain." Wherefore, in historical harmony with this epoch and sign, the great red dragon is symbolized by the fiery comet with its long train of servitors; while in near conjunction Mars as God of war becomes significant of the struggle between Michael and the dragon.

. . . .

The revelation to St. John brings to light the antiquity of man, whilst the revelation to St. Paul brings to light the mystery of Jesus Christ. On these two special revelations is held the solution of the Scriptures from Moses down, and by which the inspiration, unity, and harmony of the whole are made manifest.

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Which leads to this chart of the Ages

# Event Nostradamus DaVinci Latch Parsons Warmkessel/Kuehne
1st Destruction     21414 B.C. 19342 B.C.  
2nd Destruction     12098 B.C. 12885 B.C.  
3rd Destruction     2241 B.C. 2123 B.C.  
4th Destruction     2133 A.D. 2181 A.D. 1993-2183 A.D.
Final Destruction 3797 A.D. 4006 A.D. 3853 A.D. 4333 A.D. 3823 A.D.

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Photograph by Harry Burton, Griffith Institute, Oxford 1923

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The End of your journey above,
only begins below...

Upcoming Galactic Future Events.

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The Great American Eclipse August 21, 2017

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Possible Comet Cluster B:C-1 Impacts

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Magnetic North Pole Shift 2018

Go to a store soon where you can purchase a top-quality magnetic compass, one wherein you can lock the free north-south indicating needle in any position you desire. The bigger it is, the better off you are. Then purchase an accurate stopwatch. Take them home and put them by your bedside. Have a paper under the compass with two diameters marked off at 90 degrees to each other in a circle larger than the diameter of your compass. Put your compass on the paper, centered within the circle. Unlock the compass needle and set it on north. Set the compass case so that its north coincides with the compass needle, and place the paper underneath so that one of its diameters is on the compass case. Tape the paper in place. Put the compass back so that its needle is pointed north, along the north-south line on the paper underneath. Then go to bed and have a good night's sleep. In the morning, hold the compass steadily as it is positioned in the circle beneath it, and lock the needle in place. Then turn the compass case left or right 90 degrees; use the 90-degree line on the paper underneath as a guide. Hold the case absolutely still, then release the needle. The needle will then swing toward north, and oscillate back and forth, diminishing in its swing a little each time. With the stopwatch, observe the time necessary for the compass needle to stop oscillating from its release time to first quiet settled-down time.

There will come the day, if indeed we are going to enter the galaxy's magnetic null zone as soon as the mathematics tables indicate we will, that you will find the settling down time increasing, as the needles oscillations will become sluggish. It could be that the time for settling down will stay nearly the same, but the number of oscillations required for the needle to settle down will decrease. So, perhaps in addition to recording the stopwatch time duration, also record the number of oscillations required for the needle to settle down. Either way, you will discern by your data that indeed, the Earth's magnetic field strength has decreased to a critical level. NOW! Take your family and your entire survival storage to your secret retreat. I hope you will not have waited this long to pack it and get it ready to go. Leave behind everything you can do without.

There is a mathematical law that any predictions based on extending existing data are subject to the possibility of a fifth degree error. That means that any prediction for the time of the next cataclysm is subject to that error, and nothing can be done about it. In the case of the magnetic compass, it experimentally establishes a known data point each day, so you will always know within a day whenever your prediction should be. We passed 1998 A.D. (transgressions come full for Zechariah nemesis8), without a cataclysm, and the best thing for you to do is to stick with it and maintain your vigil. When the day does come, you will be happy to have advance notice, as short or long as it might be. It was found that in Tiahuanaco the populace was caught entirely off guard, with people doing what they normally do; everyone was caught, completely surprised, in the unbelievable magnitude and suddenness of the maelstrom of a cataclysm's precipitous onslaught.

Dr. Chan Thomas 1964

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Contact Binary Star System KIC 9832227 Red Supernova 2022


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Asteroid 99942 Apophis April 13, 2029 / 2036

By Yarl - Own workbased on raster version by LouScheffer, CC BY-SA 3.0

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The New Little Ice Age Has Started in 2015 and peaks in 2060



Since 1990, the Sun has been in the declining phase of the quasi-bicentennial variation in total solar irradiance (TSI). The decrease in the portion of TSI absorbed by the Earth since 1990 has remained uncompensated by the Earth's long-wave radiation into space at the previous high level because of the thermal inertia of the world's oceans. As a result, the Earth has, and will continue to have, a negative average annual energy balance and a long-term adverse thermal condition. The quasi-centennial epoch of the new Little Ice Age has started at the end 2015 after the maximum phase of solar cycle 24. The start of a solar grand minimum is anticipated in solar cycle 27 ± 1 in 2043 ± 11 and the beginning of phase of deep cooling in the new Little Ice Age in 2060 ± 11. The gradual weakening of the Gulf Stream leads to stronger cooling in the zone of its action in western Europe and the eastern parts of the United States and Canada. Quasi-bicentennial cyclic variations of TSI together with successive very important influences of the causal feedback effects are the main fundamental causes of corresponding alternations in climate variation from warming to the Little Ice Age.

Read More FYI: PDF is locked, and they want $31.50 to open it.


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Scientists Forecast Coming Grand Minimum Solar Cycle

2043 ± 11

Peter Martinson presents the June 2011 announcement by the American Astronomical Society, about the future of our Sun, within the context of a creative universe. The Sun is not random, and neither is our planet's relationship to it. So, our governments must quit posturing, and do something about it! For background material, please see:

Richard Altrock, "Coronal Fe XIV Emission During the Whole Heliosphere Interval Campaign"
Rachel Howe, et al., "The Torsional Oscillation and the New Solar Cycle"
Matthew Penn & William Livingston,"Long-term Evolution of Sunspot Magnetic Fields"


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Hard Times in the Younger Dryas
Craig Childs 01/27/15

..."That’s when I went to the Superior shore of northern Wisconsin where nearby temperatures had reached -37 oF. If I wanted to get the feel of a cold spell, I figured this was my moment. At the time, I was writing about the Younger Dryas, a cold anomaly that hit the Northern Hemisphere 12,800 years ago and continued for a thousand years. The world at that point had been gradually warming, the Ice Age coming to an end. Suddenly, within the space of a decade, ocean currents reversed in the Atlantic, probably triggered by cold, meltwater flows coming off the shrinking Laurentide Ice Sheet. This reversal sent the world back into the Ice Age, and brought the end of the Clovis tradition in North America, the climate upheaval speeding up megafauna extinctions.

The Polar Vortex event in 2014 was a miniature version of the Younger Dryas, the best analog I could find. Rather than lasting a thousand years, it continued for the remainder of winter and into spring, the Great Lakes remaining partially frozen into April. When the last candle finally sputtered out, the space became as dark as the inside of a clam shell buried in winter mud. I crawled into my bag where I fell into one of the deepest, soundest sleeps I will ever have, the cold settling hard outside."

Read more


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Galactic SuperWave Event?

nexus "8" published 2016 //\\ nemesis "8" created 2005

"I am not part of nemesis maturity, I am nemesis8.com, a separate entity."

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"Ideas without precedent are generally looked upon with disfavor and men are shocked if their conceptions of an orderly world are challenged."

J. Harlen Bretz, 1928





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