A review of the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments.
Edward Biddle Latch 1885

 ~ Let the light shine; let truth steal forth from its abiding-place, and reveal its grandeur and magnificence. ~






 This work at best can be but a scanty elucidation of the Scriptures; for there is no limit to the substance of the inspired work, the foundations of which are massive, well-laid, and ever enduring. The privilege and honor of building upon this foundation is granted to whomsoever will, and each one builds his own superstructure; let us hope it may be neither "hay, straw, nor stubble." The views embraced in the following pages do not, of necessity, unsettle a single stone in the sacred fabric, but tend rather to cement them into a more perfect and harmonious whole. Should, however, any be taken away, they are restored with tenfold brilliancy. In no point or position is the substance of this review to be taken in a sectarian sense, for the Scriptures are not of private interpretation; and, therefore, no man, or bodies of men, can limit the boundaries of light. Sectarianism may bear in its train concentration and development, but it cannot deliver from error. The light shed must come from the source which commanded it to be, and in true recognition of this source unity and harmony will prevail.

Let it be thoroughly understood from the beginning that one man cannot convince another of either right or wrong; but if a man be convinced, it is by his own investigation of that which is placed before him; therefore let such one, if so disposed, read over the bases of this book, and bearing them in mind, discard the remainder, and commence the study of the Scriptures from the first chapter of Genesis, continuing the same without a break unto the Omega of the book of Revelation. Let each man convince himself, for it is his own interest that is at stake.

The interpretations are based upon the revelations of the Apostle Paul and of St. John the Divine. To the former was revealed the mystery of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to the latter the mystery of the creation and preservation of men. These revelations give a harmonious solution to the Scriptures from the writings of Moses down, and they cannot fail to show the Master-hand which strewed inspiration broadcast through centuries and centuries of blindness.

The only text used will be the Bible according to the version of King James, as issued by the American Bible Society, New York, 1860.

That was the "Preface of the Book", written in 1885 A.D.
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