Rev. xii.

Another friend had this to say; "A great sign appeared in heaven"; is all astronomical as evidenced by the first 6 words, and by that I mean the coming catastrophe is astronomical. A woman (ursa major) clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars (corona borealis) on her head - this points to the 13th constellation Ophiuchus - the "Great Sign in Heaven" that appears every 13 thousand years... there is your clue. The enormous red dragon is in Hopi Prophecy and in Mesoamerican mythology. This event is cyclical and why we know about it as it has been recorded in and on many archaic monuments all over this planet. "Ursa Major to Crown to Ophiuchus. Ouroboros - one of the 3 oldest symbols known to man."

My friend, blessings to you also. But, the woman thus described symbolizes the Grand Epoch from the beginning of the Creation to the end of the Four Ages of Man, thereby becoming the mother of all creature entities; the same being markedly indicated by the sun with which she was clothed. The sun, simply as of the earthy, was called in aggregate matter upon the first creative day. Upon the second day aggregate matter was separated into detached masses, widely separated; of which the sun of our solar system was one. Upon the fourth creative day the matter of which the sun is composed was condensed by chemical affinity, thereby becoming incandescent, and thus continued up to the present time. Wherefore, esoterically, the sun, in general sense and application, becomes comprehensible as a reality clothing of the Grand Epoch, even as symbolized by the woman, yet, perhaps more especially to the creature days. By the historic ray thus set forth the expression "and the moon under her feet" becomes indicative of Time as the Four Ages (see, also, Joshua x. 8-14); the crown upon her head, through its twelve stars, also, relating in an especial manner to the Four Ages in harmony with the appertainings of the twelve tribes of Israel (see Ezek. xlviii. 30-34). Wherefore, as the woman - the Grand Epoch - was with child, trailed in birth, and pained to be delivered, so, at this time in the world's history, a child will be brought forth whose predestination is a forgone conclusion; that is, the calling of this child is in accordance with an ordination of the One God to this effect; and which, by the juncture of the sun and moon - the sun specially pertaining to the creative days, and the moon to the Four Ages of Man - as indicated in the text, will occur in the beginning of the Euphratic age.

So, could this be the fiery red comet on the image below from "The Mosaic System and the Macrocosmic Cross" ? It is a scan of a reproduced black and white from the beautifully illuminated plate in the original "The New Light from the Great Pyramid," by author Albert Ross Parsons. It contains the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic crucifixions of Messiah. So, let us now look back at that magnificent plate in new light:

As, therefore, by the Messianic Chart, these wondrous events occurred in Virgo-Leo, so the same is manifest in the Planisphere under consideration; for therein Leo is due north; the sign of the lion denoting the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The insignia of the future ruler as King are represented in and by the adornments of the trible-pointed crown projecting from his Zodiacal sign. It will be observed that the drooping points of this crown correspond in number with those encircling the head of the "Lamb slain." Wherefore, in historical harmony with this epoch and sign, the great red dragon is symbolized by the fiery comet with its long train of servitors; while in near conjunction Mars as God of war becomes significant of the struggle between Michael and the dragon. Read More