The Mystery Unveiled

"The horizon beckons me home..."

This website is expanding, as you notice some of the pages lack content in words, so please come back for more light, as I work behind the veil to uncover what was once hidden... Time "is" the key - use it wisely and the reward is great!






The Four Ages of Man

the mystery of the Four Horsemen

The Infinite Reach

combines and includes within itself all eras,
ages, periods, and times, from
"everlasting to everlasting."


The Great Mosaic Ray

twenty minor epochs
in the grand lapse


The Great Pyramid

the altar to the LORD


The Codex Argenteus

actual hand-work either of St. Paul the Apostle chosen of God,
or of St. John the beloved disciple


The Revelation of St. John the Divine

the history of the human races


The Forthcoming Overlap

for the preservation
of an escaping remnant


The Judgmental Era

transgression comes to the full



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