Assyrian Wedge.


By reference to Greater Light, it will be seen that 32 egg-shaped nodules, linked together in the form of an annulus, are given place in the centerpiece of the Latch Homestead; also, by reference to Greater Light, the indiction is setforth that the 32 nodules, together with the center thereof, symbolize the 33 general divions of the Grand Epoch from the beginning of the creation to the end of the Four Ages of Man, as Time. Mosaic System.



Wherefore, develop the Nodule Group into a straight line (see Fig. 1), and commencing from the left side of the lowermost nodule, number them from 1 as the beginning of the creation to 32 as the end of the Four Ages of Man, as Time, in harmony with the Codex Argenteus page, calling it the direct historic ray.

Also commencing from the right side of the topmost nodule as the end of the Four Ages of Man number them from 20 unto 1. Continues the numbering, beginning with 32 and ending with 21, calling this the indirect historic ray. Now, by bending the group into a circle or band, it will be seen that the two numberings agree in harmony, but that their starting points are different, yet corresponding with the starting points of the Battle Ranks of the children of Israel, and, also, with the Melchizedician and Messianic charts given in the Mosaic Systen and Macrocosmic Cross.

By a further reference to the centrepiece it will be found that the diameter thereof is just four times the diameter of the Nodule circlet. Wherefore, draw a parallelogram of the same length as Fig. 1, yet four times the width of the space occupied by the nodules (see Figs. 1 and 2). Divide this parallelogram into 32 blank spaces, corresponding with those of Fig. 1, each of which is to be filled with history set forth in chronological order from the beginning of the creation, according to the Mosaic chronology. It will be worthy to state just here that the parallelogram, with its 32 spaces, as thus constructed from the centrepiece proportionately, corresponds in length and width with the parallelogram, and the 32 compartments in which the text of the Lugal Zaggisi vase is inscribed, as restored by Prof. Herman V. Hilprecht, the noted Assyriologist.


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A cut of this inscription and an interpretation thereof by the learned Doctor appeared in the Phila. Evening Bulletin, Oct 31, 1900; a careful study of which will clearly show the esoteric relationship between it and the Mosaic system, not only by interpretation, as given, but by many of the symbols themselves; the repetition of a symbol carrying premises in relation to matters of like occurence. Indications have been frequently set forth that the Mosaic system of interpretation links together matters of like occurence, even though they are separated by millions of years; yet through which the general chronology, and, hence, events in the world's history, from the beginning of the creation, are connectedly brought to notice.

Now, in taking up this special method of interpretation and confirmation it has otherwise been shown that a catastrophe occured on the second creative day, whereby the axis of aggregate matter was displaced eighteen degrees from the normal established on the first day, thereby causing great and widespread disaster.

Wherefore, in accord with the system of linking together matters of a like occurrence join space 2 of the direct ray with space 2 of the indirect ray, in Fig. 2, each of which, as a matter of course, indicated the second creative day (see Fig. 1).

The latter space, as brought to notice, also corresponds with space 14 of the direct ray at the end of which the destruction of the Gihonic race occurred, thereby linking the catastrophe of the second creative day with this disaster through the three points of the wedge thus formed, and, consequently, with the Deluge of Noah.

In regard to the Flood, Mr. Albert Ross Parsons states “The Deluge of Noah was the collapse of the earth’s aqueous ring. Prior to this collapse, no rain fell upon the earth, for there was less water here, and the solar rays were tempered by reaching the earth through the great crystal sea” (see New Light from the Great Pyramid, p. 172), thereby embracing marked conditions of firmamental disturbance.

In continuation, the indication is given in the Melchizedician chart (see Mos. Sys. and Macrocosmic Cross) that Lucifer, the angel Death, was created on the second creative day, and, further, that the disaster of the second day was caused by Satan, Prince of Evil. From these indications the circuit as thus introduced pertains in a special manner to both Satan and Lucifer in the exploitation of their respective inheritances, viz., Satan, of disaster and its accompanying tribulations; and Lucifer, of death of the natural body.

Now, join space 14 of the direct and indirect rays with space 26 of the direct ray, thus bringing to view a second wedge. As, therefore, many angels were cast to the ground and stamped upon by the Adversary in space 14 of the Grand Epoch in its relationship to the Gihonic age (see Dan. viii: 10), so, by this particular manifestation as a matter of like occurrence, angels may have been cast down in space 26. Wherefore, continue the circuit by joining space 26 of the direct ray with space 26 of the indirect ray, when the latter will be found to correspond with space 6 of the direct ray; thereby constituting a third wedge which brings to notice the great angelic host that failed in their mission as subjugators and rulers, and, hence, were cast down, thus necessitating their supersedure and a new departure for the government of all hosts.

By continuing the circuit space 6 connects with space 18 of both the direct and indirect rays. Since, however, space 18 represents the Judgmental Era, connects with space 30 of both the direct and indirect rays, and, consequently with space 10 of the direct ray, thus linking the destruction of the Pisonic race in the Judgmental Era with the destruction of the Gihonic and Euphratic races (see Fig. 2).

But, by continuing the circuit, space 10 of the direct ray, connects with space 22 of the direct and indirect rays, and, therefore, with the disasters of the second creative day. The wedge thus indicated completes the circuit in relation to death and great catastrophes following with the exploitation of the attributes of Lucifer and Satan as matters of a like occurrence.

Indications are given in Greater Light, Vol. 6, No. 7, p. 79, that the Word of God made his advent as the Sun of Righteousness on the fourth Creative Day. Wherefore (see Fig. 3), in harmony with the foregoing method join space 4 in the direct ray with space 4 in the indirect ray as representatives of the fourth Creative Day. The latter, however, connects with space 16 of the direct ray in its relationship to the Epoch of Replenishment, or the epoch in which the Word of God made his advent on earth as the Living Bread (see St. John, vi; Gen. xiv: 18-20); whereby, through the wedge thus brought to notice the Word of God as the Sun of Righteousness becomes linked with the Word of God in His personality as the Living Bread.

A further inspection of Fig. 3 will show that space 16 of the indirect ray connects with space 28 of the direct ray, and the latter with space 8 of the direct ray, that is, with the epoch in which the Word of God was manifest as the Manchild born of the woman clad with the sun, and, hence, as Leo the Lion, of the tribe of Judah (see Messianic Chart of Mos. Sys. and Macrocosmic Cross). Consequently, the wedge thus indicated links the Word of God in His personalities as the Manchild, and the Living Bread, with the Word of God as the Lion of the tribe of Judah (see also Rev. v: 1-5).