Cup of Universal Communion.


     The most valued relic in Mr. Latch's possession was the cup of universal communion, so named by him on account of the hidden meaning brought to light. This cup is of metal and very heavy (in regards to its specific gravity) and of most ancient design on its figured surface, and it fell into Mr. Latch's hands in a very remarkable manner. It was first brought to him one Summer evening by a beggar or tramp, who asked Mr. Latch to take it, saying he had found the cup by the roadside. On examining the article he believed it to be a genuine, valuable relic, and being somewhat doubtful of how the man really received it he refused to take it, and advised him to take the cup to the University of Pennsylvania Museum. The tramp departed, and about a year later another man of the same profession appeared and opened the same subject, saying he had seen the first one pick the cup up from the roadside. He went away, and the matter was almost forgotten, when a third man came two years later and told where the cup could be found. Mr. Latch then concluded that the relic was certainly intended for him, and going to the place described he secured it for an insignificant sum. The workmanship on the various designs and figures show great skill, not that of a high-class engraver of this period, but rough and artistic. Where it came from or how it got to America will probably be forever a mystery. It is fully described in its esoteric sense with eight or ten photographs in the "Greater Light."


"But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light."

Ephesians v. 13