Cyclical Deluges.


An Explication of the Chief Geological Phenomena of the Globe by Proofs of Periodical Changes of the Earth's Axis. Embracing a Theory, founded on Geographical Facts, on the True Geological Formation of Carboniferous Mineral

Preface by William Bassett Walker, M.R.S.V. 1871

The want of a book which should impart advanced information regarding the chief geological phenomena of the globe, derived from the latest discoveries, whether physical facts or mathematical inductions, has been the incentive on the part of the Author to produce this work, which he hopes will not only merit public favour, and lead to a general adoption of the opinions set forth, but that it will also open up fresh fields of inquiry, and elicit new modes of thought, which shall reconcile some of the geological puzzles which constitute our present accepted systems of Geology, with those phenomena that reason may assure us are indubitable facts.

The Author is conscious that he will meet with dissentient remarks from leading geologists; but he trusts that even they may be induced to pause in holding fast to their theory that carboniferous formations are the result of vegetable matter grown in situ. As far as the Author is aware, he claims to be the first writer who has pointed out the remarkable geographical position occupied by the coal-fields of the world as bearing testimony to the theory of deluge epochs, as demonstrated by M. Alphonse Adhemar.

Geologists admit the advent of Man on the earth from far distant ages, yet we universally find him a savage, except in Central Asia, where the "Rig-Veda", said, by learned Sanscrit scholars, to be the oldest record of man,** exhibits the Hindoos as possessing an elevated philosophy, a yearning aspiration to adopt a Godhead worthy of their holy adoration, and who then possessed a civilization which casts into the shade that -now ruling, after a lapse of fifty centuries. If we also take into consideration the arts and sciences which must have accompanied the high civilization of that ancient people, may we not reasonably inquire why its waves of divergence had not spread in wider circles than we know them to have done, had there not been some great benumbing catastrophe which overtook man, and which only permitted a remnant to escape in the quarter of the globe indicated? It is also remarkably significant, and especially so in the book referred to, that, going back to a period of forty centuries, there ever hangs an impenetrable curtain of darkness, behind which we cannot further explore the early history of Man; although directly on this side of that gulf of silence, we find him surrounded with a high civilization, accompanied with a holy, lofty, and sublime worship of one Supreme Being. How then, we may fairly ask, are we to read this archaeological enigma, except by the adoption of the theory of cyclical deluges which have left so many acknowledged landmarks of their diluvial agency?

In the following pages the Author believes that a key will be found to unlock many of the mysteries which at present beset the study of terrestrial phenomena; and that, amongst others, when the high civilization attained, in non-carboniferous portions of the globe, such as Central Asia, which bespeaks a high antiquity, is considered in relation to the fact that at the sites of the coal-fields of the world Man appears to have last emerged from barbarism. The repellant Malthusian theory will no longer be received as an axiom, that "Providence has ordained periodical wars, and pestilence and famine, as the Divine instruments of checking the otherwise inevitable superabundant population of the earth." Who shall presume to set bounds to Infinity?

p.45* "Thus to have a clear idea of the case whilst the Austral autumnal equinox goes backward towards the perihelion, the perihelion, in consequence of the gradual motion of the earth's axis, comes forward to meet that equinox. The effect of the displacement of the line of axis is, therefore, a shortening of the duration of the revolution of the equinoxes, abbreviating it, in round numbers, to 21,000 years; consequently, every 10,500 years the order of the seasons in the two hemispheres is reversed in respect to the equinoctial and solsticial points that is, the dates when spring, summer, autumn, and winter begin."

p.56* "Torn from his bed, Old Ocean carried with him his mud, with which he formed the extensive lands of transport which constitute the diluvium. Gigantic streams of water, mingled with earth, sand, and pebbles, formed the alluviums of the great valleys; finally, erratic boulders, sustained by the ice, were raised by the piling up of the Arctic waters to the altitudes they now occupy, and remained shelved on the sides of mountains whose tops they were unable to scale. Thus was produced the last deluge, about four thousand two hundred years ago, which is commonly known as 'The Deluge'."

p.140* We close this book by giving a short account of the Deluge dates put forward by various nations and authors of the same. We also think that the day will arrive when the great Gizeh Pyramid will be found to have been built as a warning guide to man. The Deluge was threatened in the year of the Hebrew world 1536, and began December 7th, 1656, and continued 377 days. The Ark rested on Mount Ararat, May 6th, 1657; and Noah left the Ark December 18 following. The year corresponds with that of 2348 B.C. (Blair). The following are the epochs of the Deluge according to Dr. Hales:

Adhemar, B.C. 2330

1. Septuagmt 3246
2. Jackson 3170
3. Hales 3155
4. Josepbus 3146
5. Persian 3103
6. Hindoo 3102
7. Samaritan 2998
8. Howard 2698
9. Playfair 2352
10. Usher 2348
11. English Bible *
12. Marsham 2344
13. Petavius 2329
14. Strauchius 2293
15. Hebrew 2288
16. Vulgar Jewish 2104

If the above dates of the various alleged periods of the last Deluge be compared with Adhemar's, it will be seen that while the latter places the event at 2330 years B.C., reckoning from 1870 AD, there are several of the former approaching to what may be called equal dates.

Editor's Note:  *The date is missing from the table in the book, of what I shall insert in this review, of 2241 [Latch]. An 89 year difference from 2330. But, in using 2241 [Latch], it more closley matches "Hebrew 2288", by a 47 year difference, and would take place holder 16, moving down "Vulgar Jewish 2104" to place holder 17. As I have said before, "Take notice please".

** 3,000 B.C.