The Walk of Love.



Divine love as exhibited in the creature is the inter-communication of Divine Sparks from the One God with which the creature is endowed. Divine love thus exhibited is beyond sex, even as exemplified by the love of David and Jonathan (see I. Sam. xx. 17-42; II. Sam. i. 25, 26); and by the still higher type of creature life, "the angels of God in heaven" (see St. Matt. xxii. 30). 

     It must be remembered that the angels in heaven, in the ordinary sense, now people, and have peopled the open firmament of heaven from the day of their creation; their missions extending from planet to planet, and from star to star throughout the universe; Earth, the accorded gem of our solar system as the home of man of Adam’s race, being but a modicum of aggregate matter. Since the angels are a class of beings higher than man of Adam’s race (see Ps. viii. 4, 5), and since they neither marry nor are given in marriage (see St. Matt. xxii. 30), the sequence follows that when all shall be fulfilled, and the kingdom of heaven established in its singleness of purpose – righteousness – that in that kingdom there shall be neither male nor female (see St. Luke xx. 34-36) in the essential sense of present day existence. The sequence also follows that the condition of male and female is not conducive of perfect love; perfect love springing from the One God, and abounding, to a greater of less degree, in every creature.

     Wherefore the statement stands, “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us,” viz., “when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1. John, iii. 1, 2). Consequently, the love which the Father hath bestowed upon the creature is not only an expression of His love for the work of His own hands, but that the love thus bestowed is a gift to the creature through which the creature can feel, as well as express, his delight in his own existence, and in the existence of others. From the positions thus set forth indications are clear that in the established kingdom of righteousness the pure unblemishable body created in and as the very beginning of the Creation can be further endowed with Divine Sparks from the One God, even as the angels were and are endowed, whereby the limits of this kingdom may be indefinitely extended, and the subjects thereof increased by a multiplication that shall be many times a “thousand-fold.” But prior to the establishment of the perfected Kingdom the re-union of creature life from the beginning of the Creation will be accorded for a thousand years, during which Jerusalem the Great City (aggregate matter, see Indications of Genesis pp. 297-307) shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein, and be filled with the ringing, joyous laughter of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof. In this great city therefore, every walk of love is the love of God manifested in Sparks Divine; while every evil influence bound in knots which none can neither loose or sever, rages in its humiliation, aghast as its own defeat, and incapable of actuating therein to the detriment of that which God created and called good.