The Epochs


Epochs 1-6

(The Creative Days)

101,252,037 B.C. - 31,754 B.C.


Epoch 7

31,754 B.C.

The Son begotten.
War in Heaven.
Pre-Euphratic Era ~1,965 Years.


Epoch 8

30,772 B.C.

The Dividing of the Pre-Euphratic Era.

Epoch 9

29,789 B.C.

Creation of the First or White Race of Men.
The Law.
Advent of the Messiah.

Epoch 10 & 11 Overlap

23,017 B.C.

Creation of the Second or Red Race of Men.

21,414 B.C.

Destruction of the First Race of Men.
The Law of Iniquity.
The Escaping Remnant.

Epoch 12 & 13 Overlap

13,465 B.C.

Creation of the Third or Black Race of Men.

12,098 B.C.

Destruction of the Second Race by drought and famine.

Epoch 14 & 15 Overlap

3897 B.C.

Creation of the Fourth or Pale Race of Men.
The Second and Third Persons of the Trinity.


Epoch 16

2241 B.C.

Destruction of the Third Race of Men by Deluge of Noah

1827 B.C.

Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God.
Advent of the Living Bread.
Advent of the Messiah as the Son of Man, and as the Seed of Abraham.
The suburgatory mission of Messiah as the son of man inaugurated.
The struggle between Good and Evil.
The war.
The Light.

847 B.C.

Advent of the Messiah as the Prophet.


Epoch 17

The Dividing of a Time

1 A.D.
Advent of the Messiah as the Seed of Woman.
Advent of Messiah as Jesus the Son of the Virgin.

34 A.D.
Crucifixion of Messiah as Jesus the Son of the Virgin.
Crucifixion and absolute death of the Messiah as Jesus Christ.
Resurrection of the Messiah as Jesus Christ.


Epoch 18
Judgmental Era
Fourth Overlap

1998 A.D. | 2133 A.D. - 2183 A.D. | 2853 A.D.
Transgression comes to the full for Zechariah 1998.
Transgression comes to the full for Daniel 2133.
Ancient of days - Armageddian Period.
The outcry. Suspension of the Water of Life.
The fulness of the regeneration of creature life and essence.
Messiah in this epoch dwells in the heavens.


Epoch 19
The Thousand Years' Era

2853 A.D. - 3853 A.D.
The return to Earth.
Reign of Christ.
The strong and valiant man.
The redeemed rejoicing in the presence of their King.


Epoch 20
Era of Destruction

3853 A.D. - 3963 A.D.
Old age and decadence of the Earthy body.
Messiah as the Son of the Right Hand.
Given a kingdom of righteousness forever.
Triumphal epoch of Messiah as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
Triumph of Messiah as the Light of the world.
Triumph of Messiah as the Man whom God made strong for himself.
The Purpose Fulfilled*
End of Time.
See Ps. LXXX, 17 LXXXIX, 19-27.


. . 2133 . .

Is the "Ghost of Sorrow" here?


*God's Purpose by Election clearly demands a kingdom filled with intelligences, in which all thought and action will be justified, and be without blemish, through the Word or Assenting Power "dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily."