The Final End of the Universe



 As written thousands of years ago in ancient records of temples in Hindustan [Thomas]:

"Strange noises are heard proceeding from every point. They are the forerunners of the Night of Brahma. Dusk rises at the horizon and the Sun passes away.... Watchers of the pagodas appointed to watch the Zodiac may now break their sun-dials and instruments, for they will need them no more.... "Gradually sunlight shall diminish and pale. Heat shall get less, and uninhabitable spots multiply on the earth. Air becomes more rarified. Springs of water dry up. Great rivers see their waves exhausted; the ocean now shows her sandy bottom, and plants die. Daily, men and animals decrease in size. Life and motion lose their force. One by one they go out - as a lamp which the hand of the servant has not replenmished with oil. The Sun flickers and goes out.... Another day of 4.32 billion years is past. Night sets in and lasts till the next dawn. All souls are re-absorbed into the Infinite which sleeps till dawn."

"All souls are re-absorbed...."

It is finally over.

This, then, is The End.

Your Host, Paul