Gettysburg Stone.
"Old Round Top"


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"Inspection of the Standing Stone on Big Round Top will show that from the waist up it resembles an arm less human figure with a grotesque head. This figure, like many other types of figures of Osiris, Odin, Isis, Astarte, symbolizes the Grand Epoch from the beginning of the Creation unto the end of Time as the Four Ages of Man, and embodies both the male and female lines of chronology. The Grand Epoch, however, by the Mosaic, the Egyptian, the Assyrian the Norse or Viking, and other systems is divided into two great parts viz.: the Six Creative Days as a whole, and the Four Ages of Man as a whole."


From the foregoing exposition it clearly follows that the seeming weather cracks are the work of design, and, hence that the mysterious Standing Stone on Big Round Top is one of America's witnesses of the general chronology of the world, in full harmony with the Mosaic with the Great Pyramid, with Stonehenge, and with the Norse or Viking Systems. The Viking System is indelibly impressed upon many works of art now reposing in European Museums; nor are the America repositories devoid of further witness to this effect. Among these may be mentioned the records of the celebrated ruins of Tiahuanaco, Peru, and the Winged Figure of the Etowah; the latter being in the custody of the Smithsonian Institution. Wherefore the indication is highly probable that the Standing Stone on Big Round Top is not the sole voucher for the historical treasures possessed by and recorded by the people who, in the far past, established it, but that neighboring landmarks equally ancient still exist whereby the memorable scene of yesterday's battle becomes a field of vital archaeological research, reflecting honor upon all concerned, especially to Pennsylvania and Georgia, the former state giving us the Standing Stone, and the latter giving us the Winged Figure of the Etowah, whose harmony with the Gettysburg Stone identifies the ancient residents of the north and south as having been one great people, well versed in the general history of the world.