They embody the chronology of the Indications, and give the chief divisions of the grand epoch from the beginning of the creation of God down to the end of time (see Ex. xviii. 13-26), together with the approximate dates of some of the more remarkable events in the world's history. By the diagrams a numeral system, that is general throughout the Scriptures, is well set forth, whereby the numbers used in the Scriptures become adjuncts in the location and classification of history from the beginning of the Creative Era down to the end of time.

      In the accompanying pages of Landmarks, the values of the Judgmental Era and of the Era of Destruction vary slightly from those already published. This difference is due to the slight variations in values of the generation of Christ the Messiah in his personality as Jesus the Son of the Virgin; in that by St. Luke, and by the Book of the Revelation of St. John the Divine, the value approximates thirty-three years and six months, while by the Book of Numbers it approximates thirty-three years and nine months. Wherefore the latter has been incorporated as a factor in the general chronology. Mosaic System, as being the more harmonious for long periods of time. The years of the six creative days are derived from an historical ray running through the Book of Judges; but, although strongly indicated, they cannot be accepted as established until supported by one or more independent lines of chronology covering the same epochs; yet the total years of these periods have been approximated, and thereby substantiated, from numerous scriptural allegories otherwise given. That is supported by the elucidation of the Great Pyramid and the Codex Argenteus, thus bringing to notice, further witnesses.

     In Landmarks No. 2, space a, a indicates the Grand Epoch from the beginning of the creation to the end of time; b, b' indicate time; b', b" indicate the creative days; c, c indicate the Grand Epoch as days; d, d indicate general chronology of the Grand Epoch; e, e indicate pertaining of the four rivers of Eden to the Four Ages of Man; f, f indicate the Four Ages of Man; g, g indicate the Four Ages of Man by the first four seals of the vision of St. John the Divine (see Rev. vi. 1-8); h, h indicate four independent, consecutive creations of men of Adam's race, Adam being the generic name of each race (see Gen. v. 1, 2); i, i indicate the twenty divisions of the Grand Epoch as a single ray running through it; j, j indicate chronology of the Grand Epoch through the male line, that is, as including overlaps; k, k indicate chronology of the Grand Epoch through the female line, that is, from year to year as independent of overlaps.