The Forthcoming Overlap.


                For the preservation of an escaping remnant the overlap of contiguous creative eras becomes necessary; and, also, for the continuity of history between special periods of time otherwise. In the general sense the overlap of two contiguous epochs consists of one-fifth of the years of the first in order, which shall be added thereto, and wherein the heterogeneous qualities, attributes, and conditions, pertaining to the two become intermingled. Many of these overlaps have been Mosaically set forth in preceding papers, but now, at the present time, the world is entering into one of momentous importance; one involving the entrances into the mystery of the activities that govern pure spiritual life and existence. Man arrogates to himself progress made; whereas he is a missionary being through whom the Divine mandate “Let there be” is declared, and made manifest. Hence the unfoldment of telegraphic, telephonic, telepathic, and kindred marvels, is not due simply to the efforts of the self-interested man, but they are the timely developments, through man, of a plan laid down in the beginning of the Creation. Mosaically, transgression very shortly will come to full, when a great change may be looked for in the general status of the world with its hosts of good and evil.

                As, therefore, this change is so near, and as it, in turn, shall be followed by the Thousand Years’ Era, so the principles of the forthcoming overlap of the material and spiritual experiences now enters in, and, hence, with it intimations of the actual methods of inter-communication between God’s people when Messiah the Christ, together with them, shall appear in the clouds of the open firmament of heaven, in the order of his reign upon earth – greater earth – to a thousand years. This reign, as frequently stated otherwise, constitutes a proof of the subjugation of evil; and, further, is established that restitution be made to his people – the Divine Sparks – for losses sustained through the aggression of the Adversary. Wherefore, the wonderful features of inter-communication now opening out point to the special overlap of the existing world, and the world to come; the transition from the one to the other not being as a step in the dark to the Divine Sparks, but as one in progressive order. In support of these advancements it appears, owing to the far reaching extent of the magnitudes involved and of the transgression of iniquity blood and characteristics from the beginning of the Creation down into the Pisonic Age, that the years of the Pisonic Age from the Deluge of Noah, and, consequently, the years from the advent of Messiah as the Living Bread, down to the fullness of transgression, may briefly and legitimately represent the Grand Epoch from the beginning of the Creation. The years from the Deluge of Noah to the advent of Messiah as Jesus the Seed of woman are 2241; and the years from the advent of Messiah as Jesus to the fullness of transgression are 1998. Wherefore, 2241 + 1998 = 4239 years. Should God’s creatures pertaining to these years be redeemed, then the fifth part thereof shall be added thereto.

                There now follows, 4239 / 5 = 847 years as the redemptive fifth, and, hence, as the forthcoming overlap in question, counting from the fullness of transgression according to Zechariah; thereby corresponding with the Mosaic System. With the expiration of this overlap the approximate date of the super-eminent Millenium appears when Messiah the Christ will reign with his people in all the magnificence of their untrammeled spirituality.


Overlap Timeline of the Ages:

1/2 Overlap 1603 Years
21,414 BC The first age cataclysm lasted 10 days. EQ’s and Volcanoes. (see Num. xvi. 1-10)

2/3 Overlap 1367 Years
12,098 BC The second age cataclysm lasted 7 years. Drought & Famine. Micro Nova. (see Latch, Ashworth, Parsons, Alan, Delair, LaViolette, Schoch, Vogt, Dunning, Davidson, et. al.) (see Rev. viii. 8, 9)

3/4 Overlap 1656 Years
2241 BC The third age cataclysm lasted 1 year. World wide flood. (see Gen. vii. 17-20)

4/5 Overlap 847-855 Years
2133-2183 AD The fourth, ours coming up, will only take an hour. Micro Nova?

2853-3853 AD The Thousand Years.

End of Time 110 Years
3853-3963 AD The final end of time on Earth will take 110 years, after the expiration of the thousand years. Ice & Hail Storms, along with iron core asteroids, destroys the entire surface of the globe.