Dr. Chauncey (Chan) P. Thomas
02-15-1920 to 02-1998


"It's funny how some things can plague you from childhood through your adult years. Not big things, but little things, which don't exactly persist, but annoyingly stick their head through your life's door and say "Boo!" just to let you know they're still there...."

The Adam and Eve Story - 1963
 Postlude to the Adam and Eve Story - 1971
Body 2 The Incredible World of ESP - 1972
Natural Childbirth Self-Taught - 1992

Aftermath - 1993

I was on a quest for dates, and I found them. I was spending large for rare books. Nobody has read these here I bet. For those who have not read it, here is a brief synopsis. "Dr. Chan Thomas has published that Earth’s magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) energy maintains the mantle in a semi-solid state until the earth periodically crosses zones of "zero magnetic energy", which changes the MHD state. The plastic mantle then suddenly becomes liquid, and the shell of the planet moves." Whether you believe the MHD or the null zone or not, he worked where we don't want to know. He found a recurring pattern in the dates, and estimated when past cataclysms occurred, and when future ones will occur. He found the "trigger" for what sets them off. The conclusion was, that there is a window of dates of 30-500 years of the next global cataclysm, crustal shell rotation, pole shift, etc. We are 19 years into his prediction time frame as of 2019. The dates of past tumbles were verified from Shanidar Cave in Iraq, from the Smithsonian expedition. The dates were about 7,000 - 11,550 - 18,550 - 29,050 - 43,800 [HALE] years ago. In other words, the duration of each north pole were: Arctic Ocean 7,000 (current), Sudan Basin 4,550 yrs, Hudson Bay 7,000 yrs, Caspian Sea 10,500 yrs, and Wisconsin 14,750 yrs. He stopped there, but he said the pattern repeats. This is from his 1963 book "The Adam and Eve Story - The History of Cataclysms". He later published "Postlude" to the original book in 1971, and closed his works with "Aftermath" in 1993. I have all three - they are rare books.

Chan Thomas attended Dartmouth College and Columbia University, receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering from the later. As a result of his research since 1949, Dr. Thomas has become recognized as the world's leading authority in the field of cataclysmology. He has been president of Chan, Incorporated since 1961; the company is dedicated to the discovery and analysis of nature's processes, and their duplication in controlled form for mankind's utilization. In 1963, while studying the effects on human physiology of the low density magnetic field environment of outer space, as Dr. Thomas says, he literally stumbled onto the rationale which would justify the existence of ESP. He then formed his hypothesis as to its mode of operation and evolved means for developing and testing ESP based on that hypothesis. He found that the means for both developing and testing were successful in that factual mental transmitting and receiving were achieved by students after training for a period of two weeks. In the summer of 1972 Dr. Thomas taught a course in ESP at UCLA's Experimental College, which proved to be the College's most popular course. He repeated the course in the fall of 1972, when it again was the College's most popular subject. The author makes it plas that his long studies in cataclysmology and ESP have intertwined the two to an extent that, as he says, "anyone intending to study history before it was written has one of the most valuable research tools at his fingertips in ESP."

There is a difference in the Recommended Reading Book List as released by the CIA vs the book I have. Here they are side by side:

What is in "Aftermath" I cannot repeat right now.... except he says "Get on the Ships".
You can read it now yourself as the full book is out in the public domain, and this one has this little tidbit in it:

~ That is describing the MicroNova event ~

"Go to a store soon where you can purchase a top-quality magnetic compass, one wherein you can lock the free north-south indicating needle in any position you desire. The bigger it is, the better off you are. Then purchase an accurate stopwatch. Take them home and put them by your bedside. Have a paper under the compass with two diameters marked off at 90 degrees to each other in a circle larger than the diameter of your compass. Put your compass on the paper, centered within the circle. Unlock the compass needle and set it on north. Set the compass case so that its north coincides with the compass needle, and place the paper underneath so that one of its diameters is on the compass case. Tape the paper in place. Put the compass back so that its needle is pointed north, along the north-south line on the paper underneath. Then go to bed and have a good night's sleep. In the morning, hold the compass steadily as it is positioned in the circle beneath it, and lock the needle in place. Then turn the compass case left or right 90 degrees; use the 90-degree line on the paper underneath as a guide. Hold the case absolutely still, then release the needle. The needle will then swing toward north, and oscillate back and forth, diminishing in its swing a little each time. With the stopwatch, observe the time necessary for the compass needle to stop oscillating from its release time to first quiet settled-down time.

There will come the day, if indeed we are going to enter the galaxy's magnetic null zone as soon as the mathematics tables indicate we will, that you will find the settling down time increasing, as the needles oscillations will become sluggish. It could be that the time for settling down will stay nearly the same, but the number of oscillations required for the needle to settle down will decrease. So, perhaps in addition to recording the stopwatch time duration, also record the number of oscillations required for the needle to settle down. Either way, you will discern by your data that indeed, the Earth's magnetic field strength has decreased to a critical level. NOW!
Take your family and your entire survival storage to your secret retreat. I hope you will not have waited this long to pack it and get it ready to go. Leave behind everything you can do without.

There is a mathematical law that any predictions based on extending existing data are subject to the possibility of a fifth degree error. That means that any prediction for the time of the next cataclysm is subject to that error, and nothing can be done about it. In the case of the magnetic compass, it experimentally establishes a known data point each day, so you will always know within a day whenever your prediction should be. We passed 1999-2000 [*Paul/N8] without a cataclysm, and the best thing for you to do is to stick with it and maintain your vigil. When the day does come, you will be happy to have advance notice, as short or long as it might be. It was found that in Tiahuanaco the populace was caught entirely off guard, with people doing what they normally do; everyone was caught, completely surprised, in the unbelievable magnitude and suddenness of the maelstrom of a cataclysm's precipitous onslaught."

"The Uniqueness of Life
Escapes us all
Through the commonness
Of its occurrence."

And now this rewind:


Reflections on Chan Thomas and Cataclysmic Theory

by An Observer

"I first heard Chan Thomas speak of cataclysms in 1966 or 1967 on Mike Corbett's talk radio show on KUDL Radio in Kansas City where I was employed. Dr. Thomas was on the air numerous times within a several day period, being interviewed by Mr Corbett, taking questions from the other guests and answering queries called in by the listeners. I was fortunate to be present for his appearances and got to visit with him during off air times. He talked about a new and different way of looking at the workings of the Earth and the effects those workings have had on the history of Earth Life. I had never before read, or heard the story of the rejuvenating Earth as explained herein ( and still to this day here in middle of the first decade of the twenty-first century, I still do not hear it told. It is like an untold science fiction story that no one wants to tell ).

For instance, "Chan Thomas said that if we could suck all the water off the face of the Earth and deposit it on the face of the moon, then the Earth and moon would take on each others former appearance - the Earth barren with just mountains and valleys, and the moon, part oceans and part continents and islands. Water always just fills up the low spots. So places like Easter Island, Hawaii & the Bahama's aren't really islands. They, like all above sea level land masses are just the parts of the Earth that there wasn't enough water to cover up."

More of the post:

I am adding this section about Chan Thomas and his theory of cataclysms to the mid section of this blog series, not necessarily because I know it to be the truth, but rather because I have a gut feeling that it may be nearer the truth than any of the commonly accepted contemporary 'truths'. As always, in our never-ending evolution, we keep discovering things we had not been previously aware of. Oftentimes, the new 'discovery' debunks a former truth. Truth, being an abstract human idea, continues to evolve as we do. It is not uncommon for it to take several generations for a new truth to be accepted. Whether this particular information is truth or not, we are yet to discover, but in a world of many different ideas, I find this one worth considering. I first heard Chan Thomas speak of cataclysms in 1966 or 1967 on Mike Corbett's talk radio show on KUDL Radio in Kansas City where I was employed. Dr. Thomas was on the air numerous times within a several day period, being interviewed by Mr Corbett, taking questions from the other guests and answering queries called in by the listeners. I was fortunate to be present for his appearances and got to visit with him during off air times. He talked about a new and different way of looking at the workings of the Earth and the effects those workings have had on the history of Earth Life.

I had never before read, or heard the story of the rejuvenating Earth as explained herein ( and still to this day here in middle of the first decade of the twenty-first century, I still do not hear it told. It is like an untold science fiction story that no one wants to tell ). [See also Pole Shift Revisited by Len Kasten 1993 ] I knew Dr Thomas had written a book back then which he called The Adam & Eve Story, but I did not manage to get a copy from him and it was not available locally. I have always remembered the incredible things he had to say, and how his explanations answered so many of the questions that I had read and asked about existence. It seemed he had an answer to every question, that he made all of the puzzle pieces fit. He also spoke of ESP, of other-than-Earth Life, of UFO's, and of many other things profound. He was very certain of himself, and a very interesting person to listen to. I was never quite sure about what he had to say, and I still don't know quite what to make of it. Maybe yes, maybe no. But I find it interesting enough to pass on as food for thought....It does take an open mind capable of envisioning uncommon ideas......

For instance, Chan Thomas said that if we could suck all the water off the face of the Earth and deposit it on the face of the moon, then the Earth and moon would take on each others former appearance - the Earth barren with just mountains and valleys, and the moon, part oceans and part continents and islands. Water always just fills up the low spots. So places like Easter Island, Hawaii & the Bahama's aren't really islands. They, like all above sea level land masses are just the parts of the Earth that there wasn't enough water to cover up. Interesting thinking, as is Thomas' thinking about cataclysms. I have at times tried to relate to others, from memory alone, the fact of cataclysms, but with only a limited success. Several times over the years, I had bookstores search for his book, but never found anyone who could supply me with one. Amazingly, recently when I did a search on the web, to my surprise, there was the book I had so many times tried to find, listed with a number of used book companies. There were numerous places with several different editions. I immediately ordered the least expensive one on the list and received it within a few days. The First Edition copy I received says Copyright 1993, so I know it must be a revised edition of the original book which I remembered from back in the '60's. ( for what I understand is a free text from an Australian Library website go to < bookcode="010157">. ) As is my Nature, and as is my hobby, I began to copy to my computer some of the basics of what Dr Thomas is relating.

My original intent was to just get a good, supported description of what a cataclysm is in the fewest possible words, but a few words just wouldn't do. This is an unauthorized condensation, parts of which have been re-arranged, edited, and in some places, reworded. There is much, much more to Chan Thomas' story. It is highly recommended that any interested person find and read his entire book. While Dr. Thomas' book is an integration of science and religion, I have unintentionally divided the book into two parts reflecting the two names given to his book. This just happened, as I was initially simply trying to cull out the explanation of what a cataclysm is so I could better relate it to others. If you are reading this, please be aware that this is just a tiny part of the whole story, and to really understand it you need to read the whole book. I have to admit, it does sound a bit far fetched, so far fetched that it might just be true. The Adam & Eve Story The History of Cataclysms by Chan Thomas Published by Bengal Tiger Press Copyright 1993. Dr. Chan Thomas attended Dartmouth College and Columbia University, graduating from the latter in Electrical Engineering and he has become recognized as the leading authority in cataclysmology. His definitive efforts in integrating the various earth sciences, his cross-correlation research in the fields of stratigraphy, vertebrate paleontology, radiology, oceanography, glaciology, seismology, palaeophilology, earth magnetism, anthropology, and other related fields has distinguished him as the only American with such a specialized scientific forte. Please be advised, as I said earlier, this is only a small part of the story and you would have to read the whole of it all yourself to get the full picture, but hopefully you get the idea of it from this little bit. So what do you think? Is it possible that this is either all, or even partially, true? I only know that since I first heard this theory it seems as good an explanation of things as anything else I have heard. Link

And a further rewind:


Pole Shift Revisited
by Len Kasten

"With a rumble so low as to be inaudible, growing, throbbing, then fuming into a thundering roar, the earthquake starts…only it’s not like any earthquake in recorded history. In California, the mountains shake like ferns in a breeze, the mighty Pacific rears back and piles up into a mountain of water more than two miles high, then starts its race eastward.

With the force of a thousand armies the wind attacks, ripping, shredding everything in its supersonic bombardment. The unbelievable mountain of Pacific sea water follows the wind eastward, burying Los Angeles and San Francisco as if they were but grains of sand. Nothing, but nothing, stops the relentless, overwhelming onslaught of wind and ocean. Across the continent the thousand-mile-per-hour wind wreaks its unholy vengeance, everywhere, mercilessly, unceasingly.

Within three hours, the fantastic wall of water moves across the continent, burying the wind-ravaged land under two miles of seething water coast-to-coast. In a fraction of a day all vestiges of civilization are gone, and the great cities …are nothing but legends. Barely a stone is left where millions walked just a few hours before…

…Antarctica and Greenland, with their ice caps, now rotate around the earth in the Torrid Zone; and the fury of wind and inundation marches on for six days and nights. During the sixth day, the oceans start to settle in their new homes, running off the high ground. On the seventh day, the horrendous rampage is over. The Arctic ice age is ended, and a new stone age begins.

The Bay of Bengal basin, just east of India is now at the North Pole. The Pacific Ocean, just west of Peru, is at the South Pole. Greenland and Antarctica, now rotating equatorially in the Torrid Zone find their ice caps dissolving madly in the tropical heat. ..New ice caps begin to form in the new polar areas. Greenland and Antarctica emerge with verdant, tropical foliage.

A new era! Yes, the cataclysm has done its work well.. .Once more the earth has shifted its 60-mile thick shell, with poles moving almost to the equator in a fraction of a day. Again the atmosphere and oceans, refusing to change direction with the Earth’s shell, have wiped out almost all life." (Excerpt from the Thomas book)

Thus does Chan Thomas describe the much-heralded, greatly-feared coming catastrophe which supposedly will ring down the curtain on the greatest uninterrupted advance of human civilization in speculative history, a six-thousand-year march up from the grunting, fire-worshipping cave-man to the laptop computer girded, cellular-phone wielding corporate road-warrior. The foregoing, horrific account of the next pole shift is given by Thomas in his 55-page booklet, The Adam and Eve Story published in 1963, and updated in 1971. Thomas, a geologist-engineer with degrees from Dartmouth and Columbia, is one of the pole-shift prognosticators of interest to John White in his now classic book, Pole Shift. In the book, written in 1980 and still in print, White discusses the conclusions of the most prominent pole-shift theorists, including Hugh Auchincloss Brown, Immanuel Velikovsky, Charles Hapgood and others.

More of the post:

"Pole Shift is a complete compendium of all of the mostly modern predictors of a pole-shift, including famous psychics and clairvoyants. It has emerged as the most thorough treatment of this subject in print, and has become the source book for students and investigators of the subject, both scientific and otherwise, all over the world. Originally published by Doubleday, and then by Berkeley Books, it is now in print by A.R.E. Press in Virginia Beach, with more than 50,000 copies of that edition alone in print.

In the original 1980 edition, White does not express certainty of belief in a coming pole-shift, but attaches enough merit to the possibility to have included a chapter in the book entitled How to Prepare for a Pole Shift. His conclusions are carefully worded, but definitely leaning towards preparing for the possibility that it will occur around the end of the century. However he does state in several places in the book that he is not yet convinced, and would not be willing to render a final judgment until certain precursor events have occurred. By 1991, White was satisfied that these selected events were not going to happen, and he therefore added an Epilogue to the 1995 A.R.E. edition in which he states his conviction that there will not be a geographic pole-shift. White concludes in this edition that most of Cayce’s earth-change prognostications are in error, especially the pole-shift prediction. It is undeniable that almost all of the cataclysm dates pinpointed by Cayce have come and gone without incident.

John White has degrees from Dartmouth and Yale, and has been writing, teaching and lecturing on diverse subjects that basically come under the New Age umbrella since the 60s, with deeper involvement in the field since 1972 when he joined with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell to found The Institute of Noetic Science in California. His main focus has been research in the area of higher consciousness. He has written many books on this and related subjects, and has edited several well-known anthologies including Frontiers of Consciousness, Future Science, and Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment. His most recent book, The Meeting of Science and Spirit, takes up the Herculean challenge of reconciling these two poles of the human experience, a daunting task first tackled by Madame Blavatsky in 1890 in her monumental and massive work Isis Unveiled.

White has long been involved with UFO investigation and research. He has organized and hosted an annual conference called The UFO Experience in North Haven, Connecticut since 1983, whereat have appeared such luminaries of the UFO universe as Stanton Friedman, Erich Von Daniken, Jacques Vallee, Budd Hopkins, Brad Steiger and many others. John has recently retired from his corporate public relations job, and now devotes his efforts completely to his writing, lecturing and literary agent activities.

We reached him at his home office recently in Cheshire, Connecticut, to seek clarification and his most recent thinking about the Pole Shift. We wondered particularly if he had any new thoughts about the crustal displacement theory of Charles Hapgood in the light of a recent revival of interest in Hapgood’s ideas sparked by the new book, When the Sky Fell, by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath. The Flem-Aths theorize, in the book, that the watery demise of Atlantis was not really due to submergence, but; rather to crustal displacement, and they claim that the present continent of Antarctica is really Atlantis under ice, the end product of a sudden pole shift around 9,500 B.C.

White is still firm in his conviction that there will not be a geographic pole shift around the year 2000, calling it nonsense and fantasy, and furthermore that there probably has never been one, although he does not rule out the possibility that it could occur someday in the distant future. He was, however, careful to distinguish between a magnetic and geographic pole shift. He acknowledged that there have been many magnetic shifts. He says there have been at least 181 occasions recognized by science when the magnetic field of the earth has completely collapsed, and reestablished itself in the opposite polarity. So that the north magnetic pole becomes the south magnetic pole, and vice-versa. We asked if they are ever accompanied by catastrophes. His reply: No. Certainly not catastrophes of the sort predicted by the pole shift theorists and predictors. White says that, as far as he knows, such magnetic shifts do not occur on any cyclical basis, nor are they triggered by outer-space events a la Velikovsky in his famous work, Worlds in Collision.

The strength of White’s conviction was surprising, and we sought to understand how he had arrived at such an inelastic position on such a controversial subject, essentially flying in the face of innumerable previsions of millennial polar catastrophe by psychics and clairvoyants such as Scallion, Cayce and Nostradamus. Primarily, it was the fact that the predicted precursor events never happened.

One of the most important discoveries that argues for pole shifts in the past was a Renaissance map found in the Library of Congress in 1959 by Charles Hapgood, that shows the continent of Antarctica in an ice-free state. This was, in addition to the famous Piri Re-is map, a map drawn by Oronteus Finaeus in 1531 from much more ancient maps. After several years of research, Hapgood was able to identify more than fifty accurately represented features of Antarctica on the map. Since Antarctica wasn’t really charted until about 1920, Finaeus had no way of knowing anything about it. But obviously those ancient mariners knew it in precise cartographic terms. Hapgood estimated the source to be about 17,000 years old, and therefore speculated that the pole shift which buried the continent in ice must have occurred about 14,000 years ago. In 1961, the Cartographic Section of the U.S.A.F. Strategic Air Command, after studying the Finaeus map, entirely confirmed Hapgood’s analysis. They said that the map was indeed made when Antarctica was free of ice, and that furthermore, the ancient mapmakers must have understood advanced mathematics, especially spherical trigonometry! To some, this suggests an ancient astronaut hypothesis, which Hapgood considered and dismissed as unlikely. The treatment of Hapgood was largely sympathetic in the book, but in his Epilogue to the l995 edition, White claims that Hapgood’s conclusions about the Finaeus map were effectively demolished by an article in a magazine called The Skeptical Inquirer in the Fall of 1986 by one David Jolly, who publishes a rare map trade handbook. It was our naive belief that on the face of it, the Air Force opinion should weigh heavier than a single article by a non-scientist in an obscure magazine, but White told us that he continues to rely largely on the Jolly article as a refutation of the Hapgood ancient map evidence.

Hapgood’s theory of crustal displacement also explains one of the great mysteries of geology. How did it happen that temperate and equatorial parts of the planet came to be covered with ice during the so-called various ice-ages? It is known, for example, that a glacier originated in southern India about 280 million years ago, and pushed northwards 1100 miles. How can this be, since India has always been where it is now? Hapgood says in The Path of the Pole, …ice ages existed in the tropics and…great ice caps covered vast areas on and near the equator. This happened not once, but several times. Shifting poles due to slippage of the earth’s crust could account for this phenomenon very neatly. In his 1991 Epilogue, White discusses this at length, and ultimately concludes that recent research in land-water distribution indicates that this factor may account for the rapid onset and recession of glaciation. When asked for his current opinion on this, White said that new information about Continental Drift may explain some of the apparent polar re-locations to tropical areas.

Then there is the problem of the Woolly Mammoths. White devotes an entire chapter in the book to this riddle. What caused them all to die so suddenly? It is one thing for a species to die out slowly over thousands of years and become extinct. It is quite another to find their bones, and in many cases, perfectly preserved bodies, in heaps in various parts of the world, mostly in northern Siberia. Most certainly, they did not die of old age. The famed Beresovka Mammoth uncovered in Siberia in 1900, had unchewed grass and buttercups in his mouth, and undigested vegetation in his stomach, indicating clearly that he had died in the summer. How then, did he become frozen, and remain perfectly preserved? A sudden pole shift plunging the Siberian plains into numbing cold and transforming them into frozen tundra would be one very acceptable explanation. Even if the Mammoths did not all die immediately, they would perish over a short period thereafter, because their food supply would be cut off. This is the hypothesis championed by the well-known naturalist Ivan T. Sanderson, who made numerous television appearances in the ’60s. In the Epilogue, White relies almost completely on a critique refuting the pole shift theory, written by one William White of England. John White believes that William White is able to counter almost all of the very convincing points made by Sanderson, to his satisfaction, thus neutralizing the Woolly Mammoth evidence. However, we are never given any of White’s credentials. Both sides are in agreement that the Mammoths apparently died mostly of asphyxiation before they froze, but W. White concludes that this could have been caused by drowning or suffocation, rather than a sudden icy tempest. John White claimed that the extended period over which the Mammoths died, he estimates it to be between 30,000 and 10,000 B.C., argues against a sudden catastrophic event. In the case of the Beresovska Mammoth he says all the indications are that he fell into an icy crevasse, broke his leg, and froze to death.

White’s ultimate conclusion that there has never been and will not be a pole shift after such a laborious treatment of the subject, prompted us to ask, what motivated him to write the book in the first place. He told us that living in Virginia Beach and California brought the earth changes and pole shift predictions to his attention. I felt that it was a subject worthy of further investigation. If there was any truth to the pole shift concept, then the human race was facing a gigantic cataclysm in the very near future. I felt that people should be aware of it, and a great effort should be made to prepare for it…. As we pondered this reply, we considered how strange it was that, with this initial motivation and with White’s consequent identification with the whole subject, that the book turned out to be a refutation! One thing was very clear, White apparently placed more reliance on scientific or pseudo-scientific evidence than on the psychic/clairvoyant prophecies. We asked him about that. I’m not a scientist. I’m only a student of science. But. . . l have enormous respect for the scientific method as a way of probing reality and ascertaining the truth of something. Science has its limits, and spiritual truths will not be proven definitively by science. On the other hand, science does have a lot to say that can help us to assess the validity of reported spiritual truths….In the world of spirituality, there’s a strong tendency for people to cross over the line from having an open mind to having a hole in the head….

From his concluding statement we understood that he seeks answers from a higher source, and is possessed of a more idealistic sort of spirituality. The conversation had turned to alien abductions, which White connects with demonic forces. From his view of this situation, we understood why he is not concerned about a possible pole shift. …it’s very clear that the human race is being supported by vast metaphysical forces concerned with our health and safety and welfare and spiritual unfoldment. It’s evident, especially, in the Near Death Experience where people come in contact with beings of light who wordlessly radiate a sense of compassion and forgiveness. A person’s materialistic values, in that situation, are radically re-oriented in the direction of spirituality. . .the human species has strong allies who are working behind the scenes to counter those forces of darkness who seek to enslave us and capture our souls. Now, the important thing is this, to learn to love all beings unconditionally…Unconditional love is the way God loves, and we are here on earth to learn to love as God loves." Link


Editors Note: Where Kasten says, "...and spiritual truths will not be proven definitively by science...", Latch steps forward and says this from 1885, that he did indeed used timeline chronology science to confirm what Kasten says cannot be...? 

"The Sacred Records clearly call for the existence of man—a chosen instrumentality in God's great Purpose by Election—far beyond the conventional six thousand years from the so-called Adam and progenitor of the human family. If man did exist back of this Adam, and if the Scriptures are given by inspiration, then the Scriptures will surely harmonize in this particular also by giving man his proper place in the history of the world. The Ages of Man once established, and the instrumentality of man (see Deut. vii. 6-14) once established, then the wonders of God in his great Purpose will become manifest to hosts that shall be "as the sand which is upon the sea shore" for number; hence the indications are that every point that is set or that shall be set upon a sure foundation by the hand of true science will confirm Scriptural truth, and bear fruit that will endure forever in the Kingdom of Righteousness." Latch


The book referenced by John White, however does contain a 21 page chapter devoted to the Thomas Cataclysmic Theory. In the chapter are mention of two articles with interviews, the first about Thomas entitled "The End of the World" in the May 1970 article by Peter Gutilla, in Saga Magazine. In it was asked of Thomas when the next cataclysm will happen. Thomas replied,

"We must first face the fact that a cataclysm is a normal part of the earth's life cycle.... It has happened 300 times in the past and will happen about 300 times more before our solar system enters the deep sleep of being reborn." Then he answered Gutilla specifically:

"Sometime between 30 and 500 years from now.... There are signs indicating the approach of a magnetic null zone at a rapidly accelerated rate... With adequate funding we could mathmatically tie down the exact time and make suitable preparations for it...

When it does happen, we will have an Adam and Eve story similar to that of 11,500 years ago, and a Noah story similar to that of 6,500 years ago which followed the last two cataclysms..."

White writes;

 "An article in the now defunct tabloid newspaper National Tattler March 10, 1974, entitled "Expert Gives Cataclysm Cycle Theory: We'll All Perish on One Day in Year 2000" reveals that Brown was the source of much of Thomas's data. According to the Tattler, "Thomas unearthed the theory, which dates to the 18th century, in 1949 by reading a text by geologist Hugh Brown." Thomas then admitted to the reporter,

"It explained every anomaly in geology I'd ever heard of. It so intrigued me, it wouldn't leave me alone. I decided this field was so challenging that it needed verification or refutation once and for all, let the chips fall where they may."

He is referring to this book: Cataclysms of the Earth - Hugh Auchincloss Brown 1967.

Cataclysms of the Earth 1967
by Hugh Auchincloss Brown
with Editorial Assistance by Phillip C. Flayderman

What immense force was able to preserve, in the Siberian tundra, living animal specimens from prehistoric times? By what process were entire tropical forests and volatile raindrops instantly arrested and fossilized? What sensible explanation can be given to the fact that each stratum of the earth's composition seems formed by a different climate?

Material for the theories set forth in this book has been collected by Hugh Auchincloss Brown for than fifty years. The weight of evidence led him to formulate a startling concept, one which may point to the solution of geological mysteries that have long puzzled man.

Considerable evidence indicates that the continual growth of the South Polar icecap, interacting with gravitational force, at first produces a distortion, or wobble, in the earth's normal spin. Eventually, every six to eight thousand years, a sudden and radical shift of the earth's axis is caused. Continents and sea areas are rearranged and the once tropical regions may become lands of snow and ice. It is thus that the Great Flood of Noah's day resulted from the latest careening of the globe, at a time when records testify that Noah had been living in what is now Madagascar or Southeast Africa - then about as far from the North Pole as New York City is today. Mr. Brown's well-founded investigation into these phenomena will fascinate layman and scientist alike.

Twayne Publishers, Inc.
31 Union Square
New York 10003

Hugh Auchincloss Brown, born in 1878, received the degree of Electrical Engineer from Columbia University in 1900 and immediately began a long and varied career in engineering and business. He has spent a good part of his time since 1911 developing the controversial theories which are the subject of this book. The attention accorded Mr. Brown's theories and his earlier published pamphlets by mass media and scientific publications led to the amplified and detailed hypothesis presented here. Hugh Brown, listed in "Who's Who and Men of Science", is a member of the "American Association for the Advancement of Science", and other professional organizations. In preparing this book for press, he was assisted by Phillip C. Flayderman, distinguished for his work as an editor and teacher.

Thomas closed with;

"The dynamic balance of the components of the magnetohydrodynamic energy structure is what locks the earth's crust with the underlying magma, preventing slippage," Thomas says. "This is because the magma is kept magnetohydrodynamically in a near-solid state. However, the potential for becoming like a liquid is inherent in the planet's balance of forces, and when it does," Thomas told the Tattler, "it acts as a lubricant for the shell of the earth to find a new dynamic balance around the interior. The ice caps, which have been forming for thousands of years, pull the shell around to where they are at the equator or near it. It happend in less that a day. Its a real hellraiser!"

"Less than one percent of all life survives. What do these people have? Neither a pencil to write with nor a shovel to dig with. Their clothing lasts only three months, so they're forced to use stone tools, skins for clothes, caves for living. They are intelligent enough to do what it takes to survive by going back to a Stone Age to survive. It's their offspring that they don't have time to educate who get stupid. And their grandchildren and their grandchildren's grandchildren."

"The South Pole will be situated off the coast of Peru. A few lucky people will be high up on Pike's Peak,
(or Mount Massive), on the eastern side when it happens. They'll survive the holocaust. The highest survival probability area is a triangle in Southeast Asia. That area will rotate north and east. It won't have its environment changed much."


There was one last comment made to Gutilla.... "We are on the brink of realizing a Golden Era, and may be stopped cold by the next cataclysm before our era can mature.... It need not be so. What are we willing to do, to prepare for the next one?"


RIP Brother & Sister

"The measure of your social maturity is in your ability to hide what is in your mind." Thomas '72

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