When the fateful day of the LORD arrives, I believe what may happen to Earth, can be discerned from Tiahuanaco. That ancient city tells us the Earth's crust bellows up and down, along fault lines, and that moves oceans. What makes it bellow, are instabilities in our space and time. They can be the result of solar micronovas, passing celestial bodies, maybe galactic energy waves sets it off, or from impacts from large meteors and comets, all "during a time when the mantle is less rigid". How does the mantle become "less rigid" you might ask? Fluid dynamics tells us in order to properly evaluate an expected friction loss in a fluid, like magma, we need accurate information regarding the magma's rheological properties, or how the viscosity of the magma varies with shear rate. Magnetic forces keep the mantle "rigid". So, we need to seek "why" magma frees itself and moves, or flows without much resistance. What the experiments that Alfven performed to study Magnetic Hydro Dynamic (MHD) energy fields within the Earth show, is that it is all effected by electricity and magnetism. Magma can be defined by the Herschel-Bulkley fluid expression which combines the elements of the power-law (use of exponent “n”) with the yield stress term of a Bingham-Plastic material. The term “plastic viscosity” is sometimes used to refer to the slope of the flow curve at high shear rates when the slope is no longer changing and the viscosity is more constant. What all this means, is that to get the "slip" between the crust and the mantle, there is a "tipping point" in how thixotropic fluids behave. Much like shaking ketchup out of a bottle. The Earth's magnetic field strength is failing, and the reason why is because we are heading into a magnetic null zone in space, the charge fold, the realm border crossing, the current sheet, etc. The Magnetic Reversal - The Micronova...which could allow a pole shift, if it occurs at a time of impact with several large comet fragments or meteors; at the same time? And I have not touched on the Sun and Moon being "hit" as thirds...... or is this meaning, that a third part of the visible stars micronova?

...and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; The destruction of the fourth race, or the approach to the end of the present age, which, after the lapse of the third following the smiting of the Shepherd, may take place at any time.


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"And that is the final component of the cataclysm, the cold of space touching with the breath of ice and freezing in time our civilization, in the muck of the flood aftermath, once again laying down a perfect layer of Earth to be compressed over time and time again... Only to be dug up and wondered over, speculated over, and... left unexplained." - Paul ©Nemesis8


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I ask: "Where might one find, where past cataclysms have left their mark?" Books written by Hans Schindler Bellamy and Peter Allan titled "The Calendar of Tiahuanaco -  The Measuring System of the Oldest Civilization" and "The Great Idol of Tiahuanaco - An interpretation of the Hoerbiger Theory of Satellites of the Glyphs carved on its surface", discuss the prehistoric city in South America that experienced "three cataclysms". Originally built at sea level during the idol era, it then dropped below the Pacific in a cataclysm. A second cataclysm raised it back, and the third elevated it to its present elevation high in the Andes plains. There are stone carvings of a "second" retrograde Earth moon satellite there. Each carving recorded the planetoid at different altitudes and at two distinct time periods in ancient history. One carving on the Great Idol, and the other carving on the Calendar Gate. Where did our second moon go? Evidence of cataclysm is there. This event, of loosing a moon, would cause a pole shift according to some theorists.


"The carvings at Tiahuanaco discuss many things concerning the calendar and time standards in two different times, probably the Caspian and Hudson Bay eras of past pole shifts. (See "Cataclysms of the Earth" Hugh Auchincloss Brown 1967; and "Postlude to The Adam and Eve Story" Dr. Chan Thomas 1965) The details of the differences between hours, days, and years was precision in these carvings. The main point of their discussion worth noting here is that the Idol and the Calendar, in both eras, recorded the orbiting of a retrograde moon-satellite around the Earth which is not there today. During the Idol’s era, probably ~29,000 to ~18,500 years ago, (note 21,414 B.C. destruction of Euphratic race or 23,432 years ago) the satellite was approximately 24,150 miles from Earth; during the Calendar Gate’s era, probably ~18,000 to ~11,500 years ago, (note 12,098 B.C. destruction of Hiddekelic race or 14,115 years ago) the satellite was approximately 23,360 miles from Earth."


A retrograde moon that is now vanished? They said it must of reached it's Roche limit, 8,000 miles altitude, and disintegrated, but no date given. (note 2241 B.C. destruction of Gihonic race or 4,191 BP* years ago (*based on 1950 AD)). The lasting effects of the Asteroid Cataclysmic developments of the 2nd Creative Day; the Galaxy Cataclysmic developments of the 4th Creative Day; and the War in Heaven Cataclysmic developments of the 6th Creative Day, the collision of two planets, Jupiter and Asteroid; this destructive war in heaven between the Archangel Michael and Satan in the beginning of the Euphratic age. The "War in Heaven" took place immediately after the "Son begotten" in 31,754 B.C. and no sooner than 29,789 B.C. These wondrous events occurred in Virgo-Leo, long before the first age mortal man was here.

"We are a purpose called according to a purpose"

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