The Deeper Mysteries
The mystery of the it all....


. . . .
King James

for "this" elucidation


Third Person of the Holy Trinity


Mystery Babylon

city of confusion


The Morning Star

Jesus the Son of God


Sons of God

those of the Gihonic age


Mission of Man

Man as the angelic host



or loose the bands of



for a mess of red pottage


7 Stars

the seven grand subdivisions



the habitation of Evil


Sign in Heaven

a child will be brought forth


Divine Love

the work of His own hands


Duality of the Creature

as these waters should flow


Mystical Intent

"My God, my God, how thou dost glorify me!"


The Shakespeare Equation

"The truth is hidden within the center"

"Neuer before Imprinted."


A World In Peril

"hat tip to Skip"


Cyclical Deluges

"Who shall presume to set bounds to Infinity?"



"A day in the life...."

. . . .